Nano coating for solar panels

Nano glass coating

Glass and ceramic material seem to have a very compact structure. This, however, is not the case on microscopic level. This is recognizable from the fact that dirt sticks to the surface and etching (by acids and dyes) causes damages and/or discoloration/staining. 

We can make the glas and ceramic surfaces almost self-cleaning and water-/dirt repellent by just one nano glas coating treatment.

A big rainstorm will be enough te make and keep the windows stripe-free and clean. 

Whether it is a car window, facade panel, solar panel or a glass shower enclosure doesn't make a difference for our treatment. All materials are 'easy to clean' after a treatment with our nano glas coating. Because we have different sorts of nano glas coating with different characteristics, we are able to look together with you which characteristics, coating or combination of coatings suits you the best. 

The solar panels are at least five years free of maintenance and don't need yearly cleaning anymore. 

This also prevents the solar panels from losing capacity.

The picture below shows that the coating can be used on different materials, like wood, and car windows. 

The coating makes sure that surfaces repel water/liquids, dirt like oil and algae. Solar panels become easy to clean and are protected from UV radiation, which extends the life span. 

We provide at least five years of warranty on coated glas. The coating, on the other hand, will last much longer. This keeps maintenance costs lower. The coated surfaces are easy to maintain with a pH-neutral detergent.

These nano coatings are perfect for solar panels