Housing corporations

Solar panels

Housing cooperatives are facing a major task to make their homes more sustainable for their tenants. This is done by solar panels on these houses and their offices.

Infra-red panels

Infra-red panels are, in combination with infra-red heating, a perfect alternative for heat pumps, which is just a fraction of the investments in heat pumps.

Infra-red panels can be easily installed in both new constructions as well as in existing constructions.

It is a simple plug and play system which makes it easy for tenants to connect. This makes it possible for tenants to live close to energy neutral, which increases their spendable income significantly. On top of that, this means that housing cooperations have earned back their investments in a couple of years. This can be done through the BNG (Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten) and by asking a commission from the tentants for the infra-red panels.

Advantages are:
 Pleasant warmth
 No air movements, which is pleasant for people suffering from lung disorders like asthma.
 Good for both muscles and joints.
 Tenants will not suffer from dry air.

All panels are individually controllable through a smartphone or laptop. The infra-red panels are available in different sizes.

Monumental buildings

Owners of monumental buildings pay a lot of money on energy and repairments due to mold.

Monumental buildings often suffer from humidity. The old walls are placed on sand, most of the times with a stacked foundation of stone. These stones are often soft and of lower quality which results in moisture absorption.

Nova Terra Energy is able to reduce the moisture by using the heat of Thermiq infra-red panels.

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Loxone smart home systems

Loxone is a smart home system which makes every switch as well as physical interaction with all your electrical appliances in your home superfluous. All controls are managed automatically through a mini server in order for you to no having to do anything anymore. 

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