Heating through infra-red panels can be a healthy way of heating for cattle breeding and poultry

Solar panels

Infra-red panels can, in combination with solar panels, operate perfectly in cattle breeding stables and agriculture. The roofs of these barns offer enough capacity for placing infra-red panels.

This often happens in combination with underfloor heating or with air heating.
Air heating:Air heating warms the stables with heaters. There are direct and indirect heaters which can heat up the stables. The difference? The direct heaters mainly use gas. The costs of them are lower than indirect heaters. However, the direct heaters use oxygen and which results in deoxygenated and moist air. This can be a detrimental to the climate in the stables. Indirect heaters are safer. These do not cause a fire hazard, there is no oxygen used and the heater does not cause dry air. The advantage of this is that it is better for the climate in the stables. Indirect heaters use less energy and are better for both the environment and your wallet.
 Underfloor heating: underfloor heating in stables is a possibility for some animals. The stables having underfloor heating are mostly the ones holding poultry and pigs.
Because of the surface farms, many panels can be placed, provided that the structure of the roof is strong enough. The solar roofs generate enough energy to provide the whole farm with electricity. In this way, farms can move away from gas. In total, there is 80 million m2 of roof surface. Replacing half or a quarter of that would be great. All the asbestos that needs removed from these roofs can be done simultaneously. There are well-known subsidies
“Heating by infra-red panels is a special way of heating for animals and poultry”