SPORTS CLUB buildings

Sports associations

The Nova Terra Energy Group focusses on making sports association buildings more sustainable and energy neutral by means of our infra-red panels

These can be connected to either the solar energy or to the grid. When applying the solar panels the available energy can be used for de infra-red panels.
Energy costs and savings 40 / 50%

Infra-red panels used in, for example, dressing rooms, sport halls and showers. The infra-red panels offer pleasant warmth, comparable with solar heat, and are perfect for warming up the muscles and blood circulation.

The infra-red panels can be controlled individually – if desired, through an app – to heat a certain room at a certain time. In this way, you just heat one  room instead of entire building. Costs can be saved by monitoring and controlling in the correct way. The cost savings can be increased by using infra-red panels in combination with solar panels.  

On top of that, the panels have a long life span and are maintenance free, which makes expensive services unnecessary.

In contrast to conventional heating, there is less to no air circulation taking place with infra-red heating. No unpleasant entrance anymore due to warm air finding its way outside. Heat up your entrance with infra-red and the warmth will be stored inside the floor and other objects.

Limited heat loss leads to efficient use of energy.

The infra-red panels fit in a suspended ceiling, float on chains or direct on the ceiling. They are also available in several different versions which provide a solution for every different situation. On top of that, it is possible to personalize the infra-red panel with an image.
With the HomeIQ, our most advanced control system, you can combine an energy efficient heater with ease. You can control the heat of each individual room, program scenarios or control an individual panel. It is also possible to monitor the usage.

You can set a radiation intensity with which an ideal combination of both usage and comfort and be created. Because the HomeIQ communicates wireless with the Z-Wave protocol, the installation process is simple and quick.

Voordelen HomeIQ
1. Energie efficient for larger energy savings.
2. Possibility to set a scenario and time program
3. Possbility to create a so-called ‘micro’ cimate by controlling each panel separately.
4. Applicable in every environment (home, office, work environment, etc.)