Solar panels

As a homeowner you are able to make your home sustainable and even close to energy neutral. In this way, you are able to have no electricity payments and are even able to deliver electricity back to the supplier.

If you don’t have solar panels on your roof yet, try to place these panels. We can provide you with advice and help you throughout the whole process from request to placement of the solar panels. This can be done in cooperation with your local solar panel specialist.

We from Novaterra Energy Group can give you financial advice. 

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Infra-red panels

The next step is to procure infra-red panels as an alternative for your boiler and / or heat pump. Infra-red is a pleasant radiant heat which causes no air movements.
Infra-red are price-wise appealing and can be connected to the solar panel system through a simple plug and play system. You are able to provide every separate room of your house with infra-red panels.
Hot water appliances: decentral is ideal!

No more long water pipes and expensive storage of hot water! Flow water heaters (electric geysers) from CLAGE heat just as much water as you need weekly.

Do you want hot water instantly without pre-heating or loss of energy? Flow water heaters are the solution you are looking for.

For the sink

No more long water pipes and expensive storage of hot water! By using the efficient heating system from CLAGE you are able to save up to 85% compared to a similar-sized boiler

Different versions:
3,5 - 6,5kW 220V; 2 - 3,7 l/min 40°C

For the kitchen

Instant hot water with the right temperature for as a long as you want with the Drinking water system from CLAGE. You save approximately 40% of energy compared to an electric boiler. The compact structure fits under your kitchen counter and leaves additional space for, say, a garbage bin.

Different versions:
11 - 13,5kW 400V; 5,5 - 6,5 l/min 40°C

Innovative circular E-shower

For enjoyment while saving.

This is possible with the HomeSpa from Hamwells. Thanks to the circular mode, your are able to shower relatively long without spending too much water or energy. The circular mode uses every drop of water several times. Every drop of water is filtered which results in the same, pure water during a shower.

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Loxone smart home systems

Loxone Loxone smart home systems Loxone is a smart home system which makes every switch as well as physical interaction with all your electrical appliances in your home superfluous. All controls are managed automatically through a mini server in order for you to no having to do anything anymore.

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