Just like the sun does on a nice sunny day. 

Horses Cure & Care

It is important for top breeders that their horses are always in the best shape. These animals regularly suffer from bacterial infections and viruses. The cause of this is that the stables are often damp, too warm or too cold. The right stable heating can prevent this.

Stable heating

By using infra-red heating combined with an intelligent controller in stables, they will always have the right temperature. And because infra-red instead of the air warms the horse, bacteria and viruses won’t get a chance.

In this way, horses will remain in top shape.

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Stable heating

Hot air heating is often chosen for stable heating in horse stables. The warmth comforts the horse, but also has some disadvantages. Bacteria are growing in an environment consisting of hot air in combination with a cold, damp floor. Next to that, hot air is often too dry, which is not ideal for the respiratory system of the horses.

Infra-red heating

That is why infra-red is a good option to choose for heating your stable. Infra-red is a natural warmth which heats up the floor, the walls and the horse itself. Just like the sun does on a summer day. The heated floor doesn’t give bacteria any chance, which results in the horses remaining healthy.