EDUCATION schools & university buildings

Education school University buildings

The company mainly focusses on making school buildings energy neutral with the new concept and create a healthy indoor climate for students and teachers. We believe that this can improve the performance of students and teachers significantly. Green aspects in classrooms can contribute to this in a positive way.

The Nova Terra Energy Group would like to brainstorm to realize these aims within many school buildings. To finance this sustainable transition, we work closely together with de Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG).
The sustainable concept focuses on a combination of solar energy with healthy heating through infra-red panels. Unlike heat pump systems, no air circulation occurs in this situation which prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading. Infra-red heating is a pleasant heat source which is good for muscles and blood circulation.

No maintenance is required and it is easy to connect through a plug and play system.

The infra-red system saves 30 to 40% of the energy costs and these go up to 89 a 90%, when in combination with solar panels. Heat radiators and heat pumps can, in theory, be shut down.
The Nova Terra Energy Group also works together with the Belgian producer which produces high-end smart home systems. All light switches, electric appliances as well as infra-red panels are controlled through Wi-Fi. This prevents loss of energy. The company works closely together with big organizations.


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