Homes equiped with Loxone smart home systems

Loxone is a smart home system which makes every switch as well as physical interaction with all your electrical appliances in your home superfluous. All controls are managed automatically through a mini server in order for you to no having to do anything anymore.

Also for existing homes

Smart home systems is most of the time connected to new constructions. Loxone is there for everyone. Our wireless technology, Loxone Air, fits perfectly in existing homes. And this without having to place extra cables. Are you dreaming of a smart home? Don't look further and choose for our wireless solution from Loxone.

Smart home is standard for new constructions

Every fourth one- or two family house that is being built is equiped with our Loxone Smart Home technology. Smart Home Technology is not only made for single family houses. There is a increasing demand for bigger housing projects.

Safety knows many faces - The Loxone Smart Home system has anything under control

You are able to feel safe in a Loxone Smart home. You drive away burglars, watch over the whole family and protects itself from threats and keeps your privacy. 

In this part of our blogseries on safety, the focus is on

Protection from burglary
Drives burglars away
Protect the residents
Watch over the whole family
Protection of the building
Protects itself
Privacy protection
Your Smart Home, your data

Security applications  #1  

Chases burglars away

A reliable warning in case of a burglary is essential. When nobody is home, your belongings are protected thanks to the advanced security systems that chase away the burglar. Is your family protected during the burglary? The Loxone Smart Home will do anything to protect you as much as possible 

The measured an intelligent home takes, can be discovered in the first part of our safety blog.

Security application  #2  

Recognize fire on time

Smoke detectors can save lives. During a chat with a friend through the phone or the loud noises from the baby monitor, no attention is being payed to where you place the kitchen towel. Throw it on the hot furnace and it will soon catch fire. Technical failures can cause fire as well.

Because fire can spread in just a short amount of time, immediate action is required. The Loxone Smart Home registers the smoke and the increased temperature immediately and informs you about it. 

Security application  #3  

Early recognition of incoming water

What sounds unreal for people living in the hills, is reality for families living near a river or the sea. A flood can damage the house and its construction. A strong stream in combination with a storm causes danger for the residents as well. Acting quickly is necessary. 

Inform yourself in case of incoming water to secure everything.

If your home catches fire or registers incoming water, the alarm activates the following stages: 
- Everything OK
- Pre-alarm
- Main alarm
- Everything OK

Security application  #4  

Child safe

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether children should be protected from the homes or the other way around. But don't worry, the Loxone Smart Home is also safe for children.

Are children home alone? It is possible to deactivate the sauna or hearth. The push buttons can be deactivated as well. Next to that, a TV-lock after 10pm is very popular among parents.

Security application  #5  

Panic button

If desired, it is possible to place a button inside your home that, if being pressed, initiates an alarm. Are you feeling unsafe or suspecting a burglar? Press the button after which all the lights will flicker, the sunscreen will go up and music will play loudly. An emergency call can be send out simultaneously.


Indien gewenst kan je binnen je eigen vier muren een drukknop definiƫren die, wanneer je er op drukt, het alarm inschakelt. Voel je jezelf onveilig of vermoed je de aanwezigheid van een indringer? Druk dan op de knop en dan begint de verlichting fel te flikkeren, gaat de zonwering omhoog en begint de muziek luid te spelen. Tegelijkertijd kan er ook nog een oproep gestuurd worden.

Other security applications

Discover all other security applications of the Loxone Smart Home and change your home into a personal alarm.

Discover security applications

Experience safety in a Smart Home yourself

Experience how a Loxone Smart Home watches over its residents and how reliable safety can be in your home.