INFRA-RED heating

In contrast with other heating systems, dust particles aren’t circulated through the air which is why people can live and work in a healthy indoor climate.


The ThermIQ heating system can be applied in various ways. It is possible to use it as a local heat panel, for example in a loft where there are no other sources of heat. However, the most common solution is to use it as a heater for the entire house. All the rooms, bathroom and kitchen can be foreseen.

Total heating solution

In combination with different levels of system control, you are able to build your own intelligent and efficient heating system. You home can be heated pleasantly and comfortably while you use energy usage in a smart way. Apart from these advantages comes the fact that solar panels use not a lot of space an look aesthetically pleasing. Think about these advantages:

no tubes or channels through your house
No radiators in sight

Existing constructions

You have a house in which you want to implement a heating installation. This is easy to achieve with the infra-red heating panels of ThermIQ. You don’t need to place waterpipes or gas pipes. On top of that, the installation requires almost no breaking down of walls. The only thing these panels need is a connection to the power grid. Nothing more, because you can operate the heating panels with the wireless control. Altogether, this heating system of ThermIQ is a very efficient replacement of your old heater during a renovation.

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New constructions

More frequently, new constructions are built without gas pipes. This is possible due to the fact that self-generated electricity is increasing and electricity is taking over more and more functions within a house.

Induction cooking is safer and energy efficient.
Hot water is more frequently produced by a boiler or new techniques like geothermal heat.
Heating can be achieved by infra-red heating panels.

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Cost reduction

All the energy your home needs can be retrieved from the power grid. This means a cost reduction on infrastructure of gas or oil. The intelligent control system of ThermIQ, tuned on for example the outside temperature, presence detection, can be set per room and solar energy that everything is used with minimal sources.

Your room is ready for the future with infra-red heaters from ThermIQ!