Technical installations for factories and industry halls

BNP Paribas AM: Will recession have an influence on the energy transition?

The can be harder to receive financial support for a project regarding renewable energy. Either way, the climate crisis isn’t going away. Yes, the emission are dropped temporarily, but don’t forget that CO2 remains in the atmosphere for centuries and that the emission was never as high as in 2019. So that is what we call decreasing our footprint.

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic stabilizes and economies will start to recover, which they should have done for the past few months, emissions will recover as well. Storms, fires and floods will not stop at all.
Time for a reconsideration by governments and oil companies
The current situation reminds us of how capricious the oil prices are. As a government you could start considering to support industries that will create reliable jobs and bring in taxed (renewable sources of energy) instead of supporting industries that (are going to) shrink (fossil fuels).

Being a big oil company you could question whether you still spend money on projects with an uncertain future. Or give the money back to shareholders, or, if you aim for your company to survive and grow, step towards renewable energy.

Infra-red heating is the cause of huge savings of energy costs inn a zinc factory in Norway. By only heating where it is really necessary.
Zinc factory
The zinc factory in Norway is really happy with the ThermIQ infra-red heating system. The zinc processing requires a lot of air filtering in the factory. Hot air would dissaperar through the ventilation system when using traditional heaters, which is a shame. Luckily, we found the solution.

The solution for industrial spaces
Infra-red heaters heat up both people and surfaces. This is ideal, especially when large industrial spaces need to be heated, which is the case for this zinc factory. That is why they replaced there diesel heater by and infra-red heater. In this way, they only need to heat where it is really necessary.

Not moving away
A group of industrial managers, buyers and factory owners got a tour during an open day at the zinc factory. And guess where they were not moving away from..

Exactly! They enjoyed the comfortable warmth of the infra-red panels.