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Sustainable energy for caterign and hotel industry.

Infra-red panels are a good alternative for heating.
Because there is no air circulation with infra-red heating, not heat loss occurs when a door opens. The warmth is focused on objects and persons in a room, instead of the it being focused on the air. In this way, infra-red heating results in both cost- and energy savings. The panels fit in a suspended ceiling, float on chains or direct on the ceiling. Due to the elegant shapes, the panels are a nice addition to the interior of your hotel, bar or restaurant.
More and more often solar panels, also called PV-panels, become visible on roofs. That is not weird considering the fact that energy costs are rising while solar panels provide free electricity. Over the last few years, solar panels have become much cheaper. Next to that, solar panels are not taxable for consumers. Because of this, you will earn back your investment within eight to ten years.

Why solar panels?
A solar panel, or PV-panel, turns energy into electricity. Solar panels depend on the amount of sunlight, the radiation intensity and the hours of sunshine. The sun in the Netherlands is perfect for generating electricity.
Threat your guests with infra-red heaters
Your guests will experience a pleasant, sunny day with infra-read heaters. The simple installation allows offers various applications. Heat your front desk, hotel rooms or the entire restaurant.

The infra-red panels can be controlled individually – if desired, through an app – to heat a certain room at a certain time. In this way, you just heat one  room instead of entire building. Costs can be saved by monitoring and controlling in the correct way. The cost savings can be increased by using infra-red panels in combination with solar panels. 

On top of that, the panels have a long life span and are maintenance free, which makes expensive services unnecessary.

In contrast to conventional heating, there is less to no air circulation taking place with infra-red heating. No unpleasant entrance anymore due to warm air finding its way outside. Heat up your entrance with infra-red and the warmth will be stored inside the floor and other objects.

The infra-red panels fit in a suspended ceiling, float on chains or direct on the ceiling. They are also available in several different versions which provide a solution for every different situation. On top of that, it is possible to personalize the infra-red panel with an image.


With the HomeIQ, our most advanced control system, you can combine an energy efficient heater with ease. You can control the heat of each individual room, program scenarios or control an individual panel. It is also possible to monitor the usage.

You can set a radiation intensity with which an ideal combination of both usage and comfort and be created. Because the HomeIQ communicates wireless with the Z-Wave protocol, the installation process is simple and quick.

Advantages HomeIQ
1.Energie efficient for larger energy savings.
2.Possibility to set a scenario and time program
3.Possbility to create a so-called ‘micro’ cimate by controlling each panel separately.
4.Applicable in every environment (home, office, work environment, etc.)

There are more available control options apart from the Home Q Get more information about this

Loxone Smart home systems.

The Novaterra Energy Group works closely together with the producer of  Loxone smart home systems.

The future without physical connections and almost no power line. Catering and Hotels can save costs by cutting up to 50% from their energy usage. These systems are easy to connect to Solar energy.

Loxone systems go much further than the current smart home systems.

Energy plays an important role in gastronomy. Light and temperature are optimally regulated and, in this way, contribute to saving electricity. Especially when a room is not used or someone forgot to close a window. As a result, the temperature will decrease automatically.

Gasthof Post uses green energy and produces her own energy with a photovoltaic systems. The user can monitor the produced and used electricity in the Loxone App.


Would you like to know more about the unique Loxone smart home system?

E-shower system for hotels and individuals.

The hamells e-Shower offer Refresh Cycles™ which every … You will enjoy a spectaculair shower while saving 80% energy and 90% water. … The classic shower uses a water-saving showerhead.

The Dutch start-up Hamwells has launched a ‘shower of the future’. You can control the e-shower through an app on your smartphone, stream music and monitor your savings. Because it uses 90% less water compared to a classic shower and be a solution in aread that suffer from drought.

Every drop of water will be recycled seven times. A special filter is used which leads the water through a special cleaning system that uses UV-light.

What? Shower longer, save money and be more environmental friendly. Is that possible? With the Hamwells e-shower. A Dutch invention that re-uses water and saves costs.

Very hygienic

You re-used water that has been filtered. Not dirty. Next to that, it saves energy costs.

The e-shower can save approximately 30% of the costs.

The filter in the e-shower filters out all the hairs and skin cells – and all the other things with which you don’t like to wash yourself with. A UV-lamp cleans the water and kills all the bacteria and viruses. Sounds clean, right?

Save with the HomeSpa from Hamwells

The HomeSpa has a circulair shower that uses every drop a couple of times. This saves a lot of water and energy. The HomeSpa in circular mode uses approximately 1,4 liters per minute. That is half the amount the most environmental shower uses. While having the comfort of a big rain shower. Because you don’t have to heat up as much water, you can save money.

The water- and energy costs can save you € 200 per person per year.

This system is ideal for hotel rooms and can lead to a lot of savings per hotel.
Hamwells has helped the team of Plushuis to make a 1930s house energy neutral. The Plushuis team has made a plan with our customers in which as many wishes as possible are fulfilled. The thing that was very special about this 1930s house: the first resident lived here from 1938 until 2017 (104 years). The only thing she changed was the kitchen, the bathroom and placing a boiler in 1970.

The choice of Hamwells E-Shower reduced the amount of water needed. The Plushuis team consisted of the architect Jeroen Koudijs, contractor and airtightness expert Peter van der Keij and system integrator Nicolaas van Everdingen