Energyneutral homes, offices
and lives for our children and
generations after us.


The Dutch national government aims to have the entire energy supply sustainable by 2050. Let us help you do your part.


All the energy your home needs can be retrieved from the power grid. This means a cost reduction on infrastructure of gas or oil.
In contrast to other heating systems, dust particles are not pumped around, which is why people are able to live and work in a healthy indoor climate.

Read more about the health aspects of infra-red


Building corporations

Sports club buildings

Equestrian sport

Cattle breeding

Catering industry

Healthcare institutions and hospitals

Fysiotherapy, dentists and other offices


Construction sites

Education school and university buildings

Technical installations for industry halls and offices


The Nova Terra Energy Group was founded on the basis of the belief that sustainable energy will reduce the energy done to our climate, environment and nature drastically.

The Novaterra Energie Group BV. Helps you to aim for an energy neutral home or work premise in order for you to protect the climate, environment and the conservation of nature.

We, as Nova Terra energy Group, have developed a concept in which all elements for sustainable energy can be stored. In this way, we are able to decrease both the CO2 and the nitrogen emissions drastically, provided we will make our homes and buildings 100% sustainable in an affordable way.

The Nova Terra Energy Group is a connecting organization between several stakeholders and are therefore able to advise and deliver independently.