Sustainability construction sites


When installing solar panels, installer should take into account to place solar panels on tiled roofs to prevent fire hazard. The connections need to be made very precisely as well to prevent fire hazard.
The concept of solar energy in combination with infra-red panels fits perfectly for the energy supply of a construction. The cost savings are high since there are no pipes for heat transport needed anymore. The infra-red panels can be placed in ceilings and on walls, with or without image. Installation costs are significantly lower with infra-red panels.

The new constructions will use hardly to no fossil fuels which results in clean energy that doesn’t pollute the environment and contributes to a healthier and cleaner climate.
Construction sites and architectures can negotiate this with their clients. The total of picture of energy and heating will be significantly lower for consumers and companies in the construction sector. This will eventually benefit new constructions, renovation projects, new offices and supermarkets

The terraced house of a housing corporation doesn’t seem to be spectacular, but it is. The house having solar panels generates more energy than it uses. The house is heated with infra-red panels. The hot water from the shower comes from a 250 liter boiler that gets heated by a water pump.

Customer friendly
The concept house was made sustainable based on the advice of the Dienst Landelijke Energietransitie (DLE). The council of Ermelo pays for a project. “Infra-red heating is relatively new and easy to apply”, according to Menno Kuus from DLE in The Hague, who is explaining to interested people in the concept house. “Very customer friendly. Hang up, plug in and it works.”
Fresh air
Kuus: “The infra-red heater heats up objects like chairs, tables and persons. That is why the air remains relatively fresh, while the temperature inside is still warm. Every room in a house or office has its on infra-red panel, while the living room has two panels. In that way, you only heat where it is necessary. You can set the temperature in each room individually. This can be done through an app on your phone or on the thermostat in the living room. You can set a minimum temperature for the entire house, office or shop.

The infra-red panel doesn’t require maintenance. It is, however, recommended to clean the panels once in a while. Before cleaning, make sure that the panel is plugged out and cooled down. The panel is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Don’t use aggressive and/or abrasive detergents.
Explanation of application infra-red heating. The Radboud UMC, her old hospital, can be called a pioneer in sustainable healthcare. When the hospital was ready for new uniforms three years ago, they chose for sustainable clothing, consisting for 94% out of a fabric that uses less water than cotton. The uniforms have a longer durability and are re-used by the producer afterwards. “In this way we closed the raw material cycle, a beautiful result.”