Novaterra Energy group wants to work together with architects to implement solar energy and infra-red heaters during the development phase. No expensive solutions like heath pumps and traditional boilers are needed when building a house.

The interior can also profit from sustainable, good looking furniture which are in line with the vision of both Cradle2Cradle and the circular economy.
A new time has arrived for architects to renovate with sustainable energy by using solar energy and provide buildings with infra-red panels for heaters, which can be connected to solar panels.

In this way, a major part of the energy costs are being saved.
Not throwing down, but making sustainable
The design of future cities speak to their imagination: Residential areas provide self-generated energy: Local food production and economy finds his way back and the combination of living and working is welcomed. Cars and distributions are reduced and lives take place locally.

The biggest task for architects is to make current buildings more sustainable, since only 20% of these buildings can be thrown down.

Would you like to know whether your sustainability wishes are doable? Don’t hesitate contacting us. We like to refer you to an appropriate architect who can advise you about sustainable homes.
Humans and their natural environment
People and their environment play a central role in the vision of architect Joop Bensdorp. Architecture is about creating healthy and inspiring spaces to live and work in. His focus is on quality, a healthy environment and on building sustainable.

Building ecological and circular
His office Space for Living is specialized in building ecological. Building ecological focusses  on both building healthy and environmental friendly. Applying biobased materials is not only environmental friendly, but also contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Biobased materials such as wood and loam have a natural origin and are biologically degradable. Applying the right installations leads to a healthy indoor climate and a minimum use of energy.

To preserve our environment and prevent raw materials from scarcity, it is necessary to build circular, like everything in the nature is. Materials an buildings are re-used in order to have no waste. This can be achieved in a technical or natural circulation. It is not only about the materials, but also about the use of energy, air and water.

This project is conducted by Joop Benschop.

Building the future, with respect for the past.
For 25 years, Architect Diederik Six and his team have been building high quality buildings from a historical point of view and a passion for sustainable living.

The office is embracing the restoration workmanship with their knowledge. Apart for restoring castles and outdoor place, Six differs himself with traditional, new constructions. With that, Six Architecten creates timeless homes in a historical context.

Would you like to be inspired by the rich history and craft in combination with modern comfort?
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Aerdenhout, De Haringbuys.
During the 17th century, fishers coming back from their journey in Haarlem, where they sold their fish, spent their money on a drink in ‘d’Haringbuys’. Before this, the building was a toll booth from the gentleman of Brederode.

After a thorough interior- and exterior restoration, the building, standing at the intersection, is now the gate of Aerdenhout.

While thinking about the fact that de council was planning to throw down the building in 2000.

This project is conducted by Diederik Six

Architect Diederik Six in Doorn